CAPE TOWN 18 – 20 June 2021

The second weekend was in the Mother City, Cape Town. The Saturday audio recordings were done at Lansdowne Moravian Church. This was the venue of the very first BBSA festival, 70 years ago, on Sunday 6 August 1951.

Players were fully aware of this historic fact, and the magnitude of recording here was evident in the vigour and passion with which the recordings were done. Many young players were present, recently being promoted to senior band players, very significant for the growth of BBSA. It was a life-time experience for them. 

The Sunday video footage was mostly done at another Moravian Church of incalculable and immeasurable historic significance nationally and within the Moravian Church of South Africa, Moravian Hill, in the heart of District Six.

Early Sunday morning, proceedings started with 3 Fanfare Trumpeters playing and being recorded on Signal Hill by the Noon Gun and in front of the colourful houses in the Bo-Kaap.  Incredible video footage was taken at these locations. Further incredible footage was taken inside the church as well as outside in the church yard with breath-taking views of the mountains as well as the sprawling city with its high-rise buildings and harbour in the background. 

There were so many options available to the production team that the poor players were required to move all the time from Pontius to Pilate (tongue in cheek), but who cares, this was for BBSA. Sounds of “Heal the World”, “You raised me up” and “Now thank we all our God” filled the skies, with onlookers providing the rhythm and pulse by clapping hands. What an experience it was, to witness HIS MINISTRY through the SOUNDS of BRASS.