ELIM 28 – 29 August 2021

The picturesque Moravian Mission Station, Elim, is situated approximately 190km from Cape Town, in the Overberg Region, surrounded by farmlands and low hills, a perfect setting to end off the recording weekends also considering that the actual festival would have taken place in Elim. The Saturday was very subdued with audio recordings done in a very meticulous and methodical manner. Nevertheless, great recordings were done. The emphasis was on the regional piece, “Kumbaya my Lord”. Players probably realised it was now or never and gave their all.

The subdued situation, however, changed overnight, the pun intended. We had to make our way to various locations in the countryside for video footage. It was raining during the night. The road surfaces and surrounding fields were wet, muddy and slippery with animal dung all over. These conditions provided some hilarious moments. Firstly, a few vehicles could not cross the stream. Players had to hitch a ride on a bakkie. Secondly, players had to slip and slide their way to a barn field for small group video footage, intensely making sure that they avoid the dung as well as not to slip. After the players navigated these obstacle courses and settled in at the various locations, beautiful and heart-warming sounds of brass filled the cold air whilst cameras were rolling and the lone drone capturing breath-taking footage from above. What an experience it was all-round.

Tears were sporadically shed throughout the video recordings, but on Geelkop (a low-level hill close to Elim town) it was rather special. On this hill, the name ELIM is spelled out with white stones and one has a beautiful clear view of the Elim houses and church. Players lined up along the letters and once again played “Kumbaya my Lord” (Come by Here Lord….). This was followed by the BBSA salute. The moment was just too big for many…

The day ended off with footage taken at the Elim Childrens’ Home as well as in front of the church. What a weekend it was…. We all left Elim with sad hearts, but knew that it was worthwhile, worthwhile, worthwhile…

And now the end is near, but so we face no final curtain

Regrets, we have none

None to mention

We did it our way

BBSA way