JOHANNESBURG 21 – 22 August 2021

The players residing in Johannesburg, Gauteng Province, participated in this weekend’s recordings.

There was a great deal of excitement, anticipation and a bit of nervousness. Proceedings started off on Saturday morning at Emmerentia Botanical Gardens in the heart of Johannesburg. Video footage was taken at various locations within the Gardens precinct. The highlight was when the BBSA salute video footage was taken on the edge of the dam, in spectacular fashion. However, humour found its way again into proceedings. A well-loved player lost his footing just before the cameras started rolling and almost landed in the water. His reaction, “Eish, I nearly died for our beloved BBSA.” Once again, roars of spontaneous laughter. Thereafter, further spectacular footage was taken on the roof deck of the Troyeville Hotel, with the skyscrapers and Ellispark Stadium in the background.

The Sunday, audio recordings took place at the Johannesburg Youth Orchestra Company. The uniqueness of this weekend’s audio recordings was evident in two ways: the small number of players per session as well as the fact that the microphones were attached to the bell of the instruments, very intimidating to say the least. These two factors did not deter the recordings in any way. Amazing audio recordings were made.

Our same well-loved player summed up the weekend, “70 years of braaskap” (70 years of brass buddies). Another player added, “We are the members…..”