MAMRE 11 – 12 June 2021

Mamre, the second oldest Moravian mission station in South Africa, located around 55 kilometers north of Cape Town, welcomed us for the first weekend of recording sessions on this exciting ONLINE FESTIVAL journey.

The excitement and anticipation were tangible amongst the production team and players as we gathered to set the scene for what was to unfold over the weeks to come. The voice parts were recorded separately in the Lobensaal (Hall of Praise) throughout the Saturday. How apt a start as our BBSA motto declares and instructs us, “Praise the Lord with Sounds of Brass!” On Sunday we recorded the video footage with a feel of being on a movie set. The old mill and historic church of Mamre painted a picturesque backdrop.

At the end of the day, we slowly made our way up the hill behind the church for some footage. A silence settled as players solemnly lined up in front of the gate to the graveyard and spontaneously started playing, “Peace, perfect peace”.  And in that moment, we once again understood why we do what we do through this universal language transcending all words and speaking to the hearts of those who listen. Indeed, a blessed start to the recordings of our ONLINE FESTIVAL.